2012-3 Student Awards

In April, the History Department presented a number of excellence awards to Geneseo students.  We congratulate the following award recipients as well as our May 2013 graduates.

Scholarships and Awards

  • Dr. Katherine J. Beck Prize for Outstanding Senior History Major:  Co-Awarded to Justin Shapiro and Cory Young
  • Senior Award for Academic Achievement:  Lila Chambers
  • Senior Award for Community Involvement:  Kala Destefano
  • Dr. William E. Derby Tribute Endowed Scholarship:  Libby White
  • Dr. Roland R. DeMarco ‘30 Memorial Annual Scholarship:  Todd Christensen
  • Jeremy Byrnes Memorial Annual Scholarship:  Liz Dierenfield
  • Bonnie C. Henzel Memorial Endowed Scholarship:  Split between Cindy Trieu and Brittany Lauda
  • William H. Cook/Walter Herzman Memorial Annual Scholarship:  Split between Paul Kennedy and Clare Flynn
  • James K. Somerville Sophomore History Endowed Scholarship:  Split between Casey Berg and Sarah Nafis

Paper Prizes

  • Valentin Rabe Award for Best 300-Level Research Paper:  Split between Sarah Ahearn, “Joseph Goebbels and the Rise of the Master of Propaganda” and Alec Michael Tare, “‘Knocking off their Irons as Fast as They Could’:  Slave Ship Rebellions and the Secret Spirit of the Middle Passage”
  • William E. Derby Prize for the Best HIST 221 Research Paper:  Split between Adam Camiolo, “The Lion of Munster:  Bishop van Galen Against the Nazis” and Jacob McNabb, “The Cultural Contributions and Benefits of the American Game in Rural America”
  • Jennifer Wachunas Paper Prize in Women’s History:  Stephanie Tyree, “Quasi-war:  Gender-based Violence Against Civilians During Times of War”
  • For Best Senior Capstone Paper:  Daniel Leunig, “Hiroshima’s Americans:  Understanding Japanese-American A-Bomb Survivors’ Interpretation of the Bomb and Their Campaign for Medical Aid, 1945-2012”

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