History at GREAT Day 2018: A Sneak Preview

The students and faculty of the History Department have been working hard to prepare for GREAT Day 2018, our annual college-wide symposium celebrating the creative and scholarly endeavors of the students here at Geneseo.

Looking for a sneak-peek of what’s in store, historically speaking, on April 17? Check out this list of presentations by history students, who’ll be delving into everything from world history textbooks to imperialism and the British Museum, from colonial India to Joan of Arc.

Session 1E 

Jenna Lawson. Laugh to Keep from Crying: Implications of African American Humor as a Cultural Shaper in the Jim Crow and Civil Rights Era South.

Session 1F

Deanna Palma. What is History Even Good For? An Analysis of World History Textbooks.

Session 1H

Allison Maier. Black Politicians in the Post-Civil War Natchez Region.

Session 1M

Theresa Gibbons. The Damned and the Domina: The Role and Historical Memory of Female Servants in the First Slave Society.

Zachary Veith. Collections in the Crossfire: The Lasting Legacy of Imperialism in the British Museum

Session 1T

Kathryn Forrester. The Holocaust on Screen.

Session 2M

Derek Kaczorowski. The Poles of Buffalo: The Social and Cultural Evolution of an Eastern European Other.

Allison Maier. Gender and Venereal Disease in Early Twentieth Century Rochester, NY.

Taylor McPherson. Redefining Rebellion: Riots, “Reverse Riots,” and the Rise of the Carceral State

Session 3F

Jenna Lawson. The ToKnight Show: 2017 Ambassadorship for Diversity.

Session 3K

Juliana Thompson. Effects of Hessian Soldiers on Morale in the American Revolution: How Mercenaries Skewed the War Toward the Colonists

Session 4J

Erin Herbst. Liberation through Language: How the Evolution of Lincoln’s Rhetoric Led the Nation through Crisis

Krista Borst. The Changing Landscape of Black‐White Interracial Relationships: From Slavery to the End of Reconstruction.

James Hamilton. The Colfax Massacre: A Forgotten Chapter of Violence.

Session 4P

Chase Chiamulera. Gender and Race in Colonial India, 1765‐1947 (The Next Episode)

Julian David-Drori. Sturges Hall and the Forgotten S.T.E.M.

Poster Session

250. Jessica Lisi. The War of Rhetoric: An Analysis on How the Revolutionary Rhetoric Affected Ideas and Sentiments of the American Revolution from 1767-1776

251. Shreya Srinath. Medievalism of the Maid.

252. Matthew Burley and Alison Coggins. The Medieval Premonstratensian Women Prosopographical Project.

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