Recent Publications and Events

The department congratulates two colleagues on recent publications.  In March 2013, Tze-ki’s Hon’s monograph entitled Revolution as Restoration: Guocui Xuebao and China’s Path to Modernity, 1905-1911 was released by Brill. The publicity page is available here.

Additionally, Justin Behrend’s article entitled “Facts and Memories: John R. Lynch and the Revising of Reconstruction History in the Era of Jim Crow” appeared in March in the Journal of African American History (table of contents here).

The spring 2013 semester saw a number of Department events of note:

In January and February, Professor Justin Behrend organized a series of college -ide events to mark the anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation.  The “Emancipation at 150” programs included a faculty roundtable (featuring Professor Behrend, Professor Cathy Adams, Professor Rose Marie Chierici from the Anthropology Department, and Professor Alice Rutkowski from the English Department) and a keynote address by Professor Steve Hahn from the University of Pennsylvania.  The College’s press release on the “Emancipation at 150” events is here.

Professor Steve Hahn addresses the College as part of the “Emancipation at 150” events organized by Professor Behrend.

On April 1, 2013, Professor Emilye Crosby brought Rita Schwerner Bender and Bill Bender to campus as part of the College’s annual Martin Luther King Day Commemoration events.  The Benders delivered a keynote address on “The Deliberate Denial of Education” for African Americans, historically and today, met with many students, and visited several classes. More information about the Benders and Geneseo’s King Commemoration is available here:

Students work with Bill and Rita Bender and Professor Crosby as part of the College’s annual Martin Luther King Day Commemoration events.

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