Teacher’s Day 2017

We were pleased and proud to host our fourth annual Teacher’s Day event here in the History Department on Friday, March 10. Approximately 50 high school history teachers from 17 school districts in the region came to hear Geneseo faculty members review scholarly trends in U.S. and global history.
Faculty workshop presenters provided short updates on the most recent scholarly trends in their fields. Assistant Professor Yvonne Seale explored the ways that historians of the Middle Ages are increasingly doing research that connects European history to wider regional and global contexts. Michael Oberg, SUNY Distinguished Professor of History, hosted a workshop on Native American history. The lunchtime keynote, presented by Professor Joseph Cope, gave the attendees the six things they needed to know about the Irish Potato Famine.
The faculty workshop facilitators also created course packs of relevant historical documents, contextual information, study questions, and other pedagogical materials for the attendees. These provided them with materials they can immediately incorporate into their lesson plans.

We followed this all up on Monday, March 13 when Professor Cope, Associate Professor and Chair Justin Behrend, and Geneseo alum and Geneseo Central School District teacher Sarah Prinzi appeared on WXXI’s “Connections with Evan Dawson” to discuss Teachers’ Day and our department’s other outreach programs. You can stream the episode or find links to podcasts for download at the Connection’s website.

As a department, we gratefully acknowledge the financial support of former teachers and Geneseo alumni Joe ’67 and Elaine ’66 Bucci, without whose help the Teachers’ Day events would not be possible.

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