History at GREAT Day 2017: A Sneak Preview

The students and faculty of the History Department have been working hard to prepare for GREAT Day 2017, our annual college-wide symposium celebrating the creative and scholarly endeavors of the students here at Geneseo.

Looking for a sneak-peek of what’s in store, historically speaking, on April 25? Check out this list of presentations by history students, who’ll be delving into everything from women and politics in late medieval England, to prostitution in nineteenth-century upstate New York, to scientific discoveries in early modern Europe and the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.

“New York Histories: Tonawandan Economics, Cayugan Removal, and Perceptions of Prostitutes”

Session 1Q (8:30-9:45am, Sturges 108, Sponsor: Professor Oberg)

Brandon Gaylord, “How the Cayugas Became the Only Iroquois Nation Without a Home, 1774-1795”

Caleb Weissman, “Tonawanda: Economics and Interconnection, 1850-1892”

Coleen Cummings, “Constructing the “Social Evil”: An Analysis of Prostitution in New York, 1875-1920”

“Research in Gender and Sexuality History I”

Session 1U (8:30-9:45am, Sturges 109, Sponsor: Professor Jones) 

Evan Goldstein, “Modern City, Vice City: Workers, Sexuality, and Social Control in Interwar Detroit”

Derek Kaczorowski, “The Queen City: The Progress of Prostitution within the City of Buffalo during the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries”

Isabel Owens, “From the Shtetl to the Streets: Transforming Jewish Womanhood on the Lower East Side, 1890-1925”

“Edgar Fellows”

Session 2G (9:55-11:10am, Bailey 103, Sponsor: Professor Mapes)

Joshua DeJoy, “Kodak and the Deindustrialization of Rochester”

“Research in Gender and Sexuality History II”

Session 2R (9:55-11:10am, Sturges 109, Sponsor: Professor Jones)

Jenna Lawson, “Cross-Dressing as Comedy in Film and Television, 1950-1999: What a Joke Costs and Who Pays For It”

Theresa Gibbons, “An bhfuil aon bean sa chogadh?: Gaelic, Gathering and Girls in the 1916 Easter Rising”

Erin Sheehan, “History of Vibrators”

“SNCC Digital Gateway and Geneseo: The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Past and Present”

Session 2S (9:55-11:10am, Sturges 108, Sponsor: Professor Crosby)

Presenters: Thomas Garrity, Jennifer Galvao, Lauren Plevy, Tanairi Taylor, Laura Brown  

“East v. West: An Analysis of Shenzhen and Western Views on Chinese Capitalism”

Session 4E (3:50-5:05pm, Sturges 106, Sponsor: Professor Jones)

Presenter: Adam Pease 

History Honors Theses”

Session 4J (3:50-5:05pm, Sturges 109, Sponsor: Professor Cope)  

Jaclyn Carlin, “The Influence of Dynastic Women on the Wars of the Roses.”

Thomas Garrity, “The Virtues of the Coffeehouse Broadsides: The Normative and Practical Public Sphere of English Coffeehouses”

Samantha Misa, “Speaking of Secrets: Secret Codes, Ciphers, and Encryption in Personal Communication”

“Honors Theses: New Perspectives on Jury Discrimination and World War II”

Session 4K (3:50-5:05pm, Sturges 108, Sponsor: Professor Behrend) 

Morgan Weber, “Two Steps Back: The Late 19th Century Retreat of Southern Black Jury Rights”

George Gatzoflias, “Political Cartoons of the Greco-Italian War”

Tim Krol, “September Campaign of 1939”

Poster Presentations

(College Union Ballroom; Sponsors: Professors Abbas, Cope, Jones)

Connor Terry, Liam Collins, Demetrios Giannios, “Newton V. Hooke: The Battle over Intellectual Property and Scientific Knowledge”

Talia Fabilli, Lena Evers-Hillstrom, Carlose Abreu, “Robert Boyle: The Relationship Between Spirituality and Scientific Inquiry”

Katherine Zaslavsky, Rachel Ollis, Isabel Owen, “Voices from the War on Terror”

Jessica Lisi, “Drag Balls, Drag Queens, and AIDS in New York City: How Drag Culture Became a Source of Liberation, Community, and Identity”

Gabriel Ponce, Trajen Cracium, Morgan Weber, “From the Minds of Many: James Joule and the Scientific Social Networks of the 19th Century”

Daniel Wolfanger, Logan Cleary, Maureen Henry, “Patronage in 17th Century Europe: How Tycho Brahe Influenced Johannes Kepler’s Research in Planetary Motion”

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