Discussing SNCC and Its Legacy

Earlier this month, the History Department co-hosted a series of panel discussions as part of Geneseo’s annual honoring of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy. Civil Rights Campaign veterans Freddie Greene Biddle and Jennifer Lawson, together with Shaketa Redden (Black Love Resists in the Rust, Buffalo) spoke with students about the continuing struggle for African-American rights. Some SUNY Geneseo students, who are currently interns with the SNCC Digital Gateway project, also addressed the audience.

You can read more about the panels, and about student reaction, in this article in Geneseo’s student newspaper, The Lamron.

History major and SNCC Digital Gateway intern Jenna Lawson.
Jennifer Lawson and Freddie Greene Biddle speak with a panel attendee.
SNCC Digital Gateway Intern Tanairi Taylor (’18).
Senior History major and SNCC Digital Gateway intern Tom Garrity ’17.
Panelists and Civil Rights activists Freddie Greene Biddle and Jennifer Lawson pictured with Professor Emilye Crosby.


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